About The Firm

Hometown Lawyer


Mr. Brunette was raised in Colorado Springs, and has devoted most of his professional life to providing legal counsel and representation to people in his home town.  He  has spent the past several years 

in simple and complex estate litigation involving estates of various sizes,  representing fiduciaries, heirs, devisees, protected persons, and other persons 

who have interests in an estate.

 Your circumstances may require consultation, limited representation, negotiation, mediation, arbitration, litigation, appeal, or a combination of these.  Mr. Brunette is experienced in all of these areas, and brings his experience and practical knowledge to bear in each case.  

What We Offer


 Probate and Estate Planning

Advance Medical Directives

Living Wills

Powers of Attorney





Focused Dispute Resolution


"Lawyers working on cases . . . should begin 

by trying to identify the sources of the 

obstacles to settlement in their case.  

They should ascertain what the problems 

and sources of friction are between the 

litigants (and/or between litigators), 

whether or not there are difficulties in communication, and what the relationship between the parties might be in the future. Then counsel should attempt to tailor procedures that are responsive to the 

specific problem and needs of the situation."  

 Wayne D. Brazil, Effective 

Approaches to Settlement: 

A Handbook for Lawyers and Judges

Limited Representation if Appropriate

An increase in the number of pro se parties has led to an increase in "unbundled" legal services.  If your circumstances are appropriate for limited representation, we are willing to discuss this possibility. 

Emphasis on Protection of Elders

Decisional capacities and competencies 

of elderly and disabled persons are 

often at issue in legal proceedings.  

Mr. Brunette's involvement in this 

niche of Elder Law began in 1985, 

and continues to this day.   


The firm is available for appellate representation in probate, civil, and domestic relations matters 

in the State of Colorado and the 

United States Court of Appeals 

for the Tenth Circuit.