About The Firm

Hometown Lawyer

Mr. Brunette was raised in Colorado Springs, and has devoted most of his professional life to providing legal counsel and representation to people in his home town.  He has served on national boards and committees in legal publishing and forensic sciences, but has returned to his roots as a hometown lawyer, committed to helping fellow Coloradoans through these challenging times. 

 Your circumstances may require consultation, limited representation, negotiation, mediation, arbitration, litigation, appeal, or a combination of these.  Mr. Brunette is experienced in all of these areas, and brings his experience and practical knowledge to bear in each case.  

What We Offer

 Probate Litigation



  Guardian ad Litem



Focused Legal Representation

The firm focuses on probate litigation, guardianship,  conservatorship, alternative dispute resolution and appeals.  If your circumstances involve an area of law in which the firm does not practice, we will refer you to qualified counsel 

Limited Representation if Appropriate

  • An increase in the number of pro se parties has led to an increase in "unbundled" legal services.  If your circumstances are appropriate for limited representation, we are willing to discuss this possibility. 

Emphasis on Protection of Elders

The firm's practice emphasizes representation of elderly clients whose decisional capacities and competencies may be at issue in legal proceedings.  Mr. Brunette's involvement in this niche of Elder Law began in 1985, and continues to this day.  He also represents elders in emerging areas of consumer advocacy and protection.  


The firm is available for appellate representation in civil, criminal and domestic relations matters in the State of Colorado.